About Us

TwoCenter Technologies was founded in Cambridge Massachusetts in early 2011 as a consulting company to accelerate the pace of innovation within the laboratory instrumentation and medical device sectors, and improve the effectiveness of medical research and treatment.

We believe many of the most innovative technologies in these markets come from small to medium-sized companies whose products must progress from the early innovators into the mass market – in our markets, from the prototype to the first 100 sales.

 TwoCenter serves in Product Management and Business Development functions for these products, professionally leading them through this critical stage without burdening the companies with the costs of a full-time product management function, while providing expert guidance and leadership.

Due to the close-knit nature of our work, we believe strongly in creating trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with our clients, choosing engagements where we can provide fast, honest, and reliable feedback to propel projects and products forward.